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Fist of the North Star, Vol. 3 (3)

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In the original vintage manga established in a postapocalyptic wasteland ruled by savage gangs, a hero appears to deliver justice to the guilty. This warrior named Ken retains the fatal secrets and techniques of a mysterious martial artwork identified as Hokuto Shinken&#8212the Divine Fist of the North Star!

In a postapocalyptic earth, humanity has risen from the ashes of nuclear war to a nightmare of unlimited struggling. It is a time of chaos. Warlords and gangs of savage marauders and warlords rule the broken ruins of civilization, terrorizing and enslaving the survivors. Daily life has come to be a brutal battle for existence and dying the only launch.

Ken’s mastery of Hokuto Shinken, the Divine Fist of the North Star, has no equal amongst the debased gangs that prey on the ruins of civilization. But Ken is not the only martial artist out there. Rei, a user of the Nanto Suichoken technique, is on a journey to discover his sister, who is staying held by a brutal band of savages recognized as the Fangs. Ken and Rei group up to find her, and woe to any who stand in their way!

Publisher‏:‎VIZ Media LLC (December 21, 2021)
Hardcover‏:‎296 internet pages
Item Weight‏:‎1.74 lbs
Dimensions‏:‎5.75 x .77 x 8.25 inches

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