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Gunpla 12oz Rubber Head Hammer with Anti-Slip Stainless Steel Tube Rubber Handle Rubber Mallet

Price: $9.45
(as of Jun 01, 2022 01:11:27 UTC – Details)


  • Professional mallet used to tap tile into thinnest adhesive.
  • The 12 oz. durable black rubber head will not mar tile or other surfaces.
  • High-strength steel tube handle helps absorb vibration.


  • Designed to last, you won’t get stuck in your work again with this reliable ABN Mallet.
  • The solid black rubber head delivers a soft and controlled strike, protecting parts from damage.
  • Whether using our mallets on soft, hardwoods, chrome, aluminum, or magnesium parts, you can strike safely without damaging sensitive finishes or surfaces.


  • We care about your safety at work! A soft, nonslip rubber grip being the ultimate in terms of comfort, we have integrated a rubberized handle grip.
  • Highly secured rest assured it will not easily pull off.
  • The hammer is so light that you will not feel tired even after working for several hours.

DOUBLE RUBBER FACES: Gunpla 12 oz rubber head mallet is made with high quality and heavy duty rubber. This quality 12 ounces mallet features double rubber faces designed to perform the toughest tasks in your various projects.
REDUCED SHOCK: This double headed rubber hammer are produced with an anti vibration technology that highly reduces the shock and vibration and shock impact or feeling on your hand, making it more convenient for long hours use.
STAINLESS STEEL HANDLE: Our long rubber mallet is built with a stainless steel handle to which the double faced head is attached securely.
RUBBERIZED ERGONOMIC GRIP: For the rubber hammer mallet to be more comfortable and convenient, Gunpla designed a comfortable rubberized handle to make your tasks and projects less tiring and requiring minimum energy.
PRECISION BALANCED: With our mallets, it is easier to hit the target, and they properly spread the force across the tile and/or other delicate surfaces.

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