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Gunpla 3 Inch Knotted Wire Cup Brush with 5/8 Inch-11 Threaded Arbor Heavy Duty Wires Brushes for Metal, Rust Corrosion Paint Removal

Price: $5.98
(as of May 29,2022 14:08:31 UTC – Details)

Gunpla knotted wire cup brush perfectly works as a grinder as well as can effectively and easily scour away rust, scale, and loose paint. Knotted wire brush is the perfect tool for smoothing rough edges on metal or to grind away rust. Designed with carbon steel knotted twisted wires for surfaces cleaning to leave a smooth surface when the job is done.

  • This knotted wire cup brush easily and smoothly removes corrosion, paint and rust.
  • Ensuring superior flexibility, perform effortless moves during your projects with our great quality knotted brush.
  • Less fatigue is expected with our wheel brush, especially when using the ideal grinder.
  • Minimal risk of metal scratch as the fibers are well aligned and easily brushing action.
  • Gunpla wire brushes are safe and free from leading to accidents during work.
  • Our twisted wire cup brush is gentle on metal and made from top carbon steel wire that makes it gentle during cleaning application.
  • Smoothness, flexibility, high performance ands durability are the characteristics of our wire brush with knots for metal.


  • Size: 3 Inches or 75mm
  • Style: Knotted Wires
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Connection Type: Threaded Arbor 5/8 Inch 11 UNC
  • Max Speed: 12500 RPM
  • Weight

Gunpla high quality knotted wire cup brush is made for heavy-duty cleaning applications in metal. This wire brush is suitable for cleaning work on medium to large steel surfaces, serving also for the removal of underseal, paint, heavy rust or varnish
Designed to provide great performance, the metal wire Cup Brush provides an extra-coarse surface finish. Our cup brush is perfect for cleaning applications as it is fitted with knotted wire for important projects or jobs
This 3-Inch-by-.020-Inch knotted cup brush for metal are attached to grinders to perform great and neat job. Condition your steel and deburr any metal surface with Gunpla’s wire cup brush instantly. Projects are finished faster with this metal cleaning tool
Our brush with knotted wires is the ideal tool to be used for aggressive surface conditioning on wide areas. The wires are engineered by Gunpla with premium quality carbon steel, to ensure they resist to rough surfaces during work and last longer
The risk of metal scratch is considerably minimized as the fibers are well twisted in order to ease and smooth the brushing action. The superior rotational balance lessens the user’s fatigue and improves the knotted wire brush endurance

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